How Stringflix came about…

My coworker was retiring and many folks, from our department staff, were not able to attend her farewell party.

So, I came up with the idea of everyone recording a short video message to put together in a “good-bye video”.  However, it was so difficult to ask of everyone to timely send me a video of themselves, and then editing everything together in Adobe Premiere and then downloading all the material, that I thought: “Wouldn’t be cool to have an app that allows you to invite your chosen contacts to record a short video clip from their phones and it automatically transfers all their videos to a link from where it could quickly be played in sequence, online to your smart device, or even with Chromecast to your TV set?” Then I thought: “What if all the participants of this farewell video had also a choice to press a button and give a dollar amount of credit towards a Crowd-Funded-Amazon-gift?  We could all contribute to a very, very nice group gift as well!”

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