Content democratization: How StringFlix wants to fuel the growth of internet videos, by transforming Spectators into Collaborative Creators. Transforming Internet Communication Through Video Participation

The amount of video content created, exchanged, and consumed is growing by the day across the world. By 2019, 80% of the world’s Internet traffic will be video, according to a Cisco study. The Internet has allowed a community of content creators greatly influence the world from the comfort of their own home. Casey Neistat, for example, was transformed from a teen father on welfare to a prodigious YouTube superstar, by documenting his life and passions with a lot of talent and creative expression.
Other platforms, such as Facebook and Snapchat are also encouraging video sharing. They offer us a window into the world of the creator, but most people creating content are making their videos solo. StringFlix recognizes that humans, by nature, are social creatures, and collaboration is an innate part of the human experience. However, team participation is getting lost with solitary expression. The current social media platforms are limited to a linear one-way communication process, especially in the act of making a video.
The isolated process of content creation also limits the perspectives of what we see online, because 83% of people who would create more video are intimidated by either technology or lack of video production experience. By using StringFlix, even the person that doesn’t know how to upload a YouTube video, can now participate on a bigger video project and showcase his or her talent and make a shared statement by simply tapping on a plus button to join.
With a planned launch date of January of 2018, StringFlix will dynamically change online video content by enabling multiple users to send and stitch dozens of individual clips, (usually 15 seconds per clip), to create a single, seamless video presentation. This form of collaboration not only promotes a stronger message but it will have a network effect to affectively reach a much larger global audience. Together in video, we will create stories much larger than our private expressions. Whether for group birthday messages or for political causes, StringFlix will shift the conversion of what advertisers are spending to get more people engage in the videos they participate, which will in consequence deliver better value and dollars for return on advertising spending. Attention is the currency of advertisers and StringFlix will create attention by changing people’s behaviors from spectators to collaborative creators.
StringFlix, a company incorporated and launched at the Founder Institute of New York, has its mission to encourage creativity through group collaboration. Even celebrities such as Stephen Colbert or Ellen DeGeneres can join the fun and have a much higher engagement with their audience by inviting them to actively contribute on a StringFlix project. Inside StringFlix culture, an average social media user will not only play a creative video but become a creative player!

Make your audience part of your video!

Therefore, Stringflix found a solution to grow the chances of engaging your audience, your friends and followers to your posts.

The solution is simple:  Make your audience part of your video!

By a few clicks on this app:  you create a project and invite your audience to collaborate by stringing their clips and photos in your video.

So, you can use Stringflix to send Happy Birthday Group Messages to friends or to Promote Social Causes or Events creating a much more meaningful video sharing experience.

With Stringflix your audience is your message!